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Chat with a Chinese Man “Uncle”

Yesterday, as I stopped in a local Catholic church here in Shanghai , the one I go to every Sunday for Mass, I had the opportunity to speak to a wonderful Chinese Catholic man. I do not know his name, but everyone simply calls him “Uncle”. He is fifty-five years and has been Catholic his whole life. His parents are Catholic. His wife and daughter are Catholic. “All of us are Catholic,” he told me in Chinese. It is interesting to see the strong Catholic roots of this family from generation to generation, going back to the 1950s, if not earlier, in a place where Buddhism is viewed as the dominant religion.
“Uncle” is a very happy man who radiates with a positive aura. I have never seen him not smiling. He brings a positive attitude to every situation. “Uncle” lives and works inside the church (Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church). Upon entering the lobby area, I usually see him sitting at his desk reading or working on some small task. He sleeps in a small room above his office. He performs many duties in the church, such as watering the plants, cleaning, cooking food for the priests and others who live at the church, secretarial work, gift shop maintenance, and opening and closing the church.
This man has been taking care of the church for twelve years now. I believe he deserves a lot of credit for his hard work and positive attitude when it comes to serving God and His Church. If you have time later, please say a prayer for this wonderful Chinese Catholic man, “Uncle”.