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The Danger of Addictions

God wants us to be free. He not only wants us to be free from sin, but also free to do the right thing and make the right choice. Freedom is a beautiful thing and has traditionally be valued greatly by many different peoples from around the world. There is something more immediately threatening to our freedom, however, than any dictator, and that is our own addictions. Addictions to drinking and smoking are the most obvious, but perhaps more prevalent ones in our modern society include addictions to always thinking one is right, lying to look good in front of others, littering in the streets, worrying, yelling, talking rather than listening, being negative, shopping, video games, surfing the internet, pornography, looking at oneself in the mirror each time a mirror is available, and numerous others. Believe it or not, these addictions harm our relationships with our family and friends, they harm our physical and mental health, and they prevent us from having a more intimate relationship with God. When we are free from addictions and free to make the right choices, we are more able to help those around us, including our family. friends, neighbors, community, environment, and coworkers. We are not focused simply on what we feel like doing, but doing what is right, even if it hurts and makes us look silly in front of others; and better yet, we have the control and power to follow God’s will, make virtuous sacrifices, and rise to the level of Sainthood if we weed out these addictions from our life.

I think the best way to start becoming free is to do a self-examination. Sit down and pray. Ask God to show you what areas of your life need improvement. Perhaps there are bad tendencies that you are addicted to that you do not even realize, such as talking about negative topics all the time or gossiping. It is most important to remove the worst addiction as soon as possible. Such include smoking, drugs, drinking, adultery, masturbation, stealing, and murder. Realize that if you have been addicted to such things for many years, it may take that many years to overcome them, and overcoming them is definitely possible, as human beings have free will. Pray. Fight. Don’t quit. You may lose battles, but with the help us Jesus, you will win the war.

After conquering those extremely serious addictions, start to work on the apparently smaller ones, such as worrying or not listening to what others are saying. Actively seek to remove these addictions by doing your part, such as reading about them, talking to family members about them, praying, going to Mass, going to Confession, exercising, eating healthy, and don’t forget, giving God time and allowing Him to work. His work is actually greater than anything you could possibly do, though he does ask for your participation.

Seek to remove addictions from your life in order to exercise that God-given free will bestowed upon you to do great things.


Keeping God in Our Schedule


When we keep God in our schedule, God keeps us in His schedule. To take a fixed amount of time out of everyday to pray is a good way to ensure that time is given directly to God alone without any other distractions. For example, my fiancée and I spend time every single day reading the Bible and praying the rosary together. These are just some examples of what you can do.




It is easy to find time for ourselves throughout the day. There are an infinite number of ways to entertain ourselves. Why is it so hard to give some of our time back to God? When we give time back to God, He rewards us. In my case, I have seen how taking time out of my schedule to focus solely on God has made my life better. Doing this together with my fiancée has improved our relationship as well. In addition, we also believe that our future children will be better off because of it.




How can we expect God to work in our lives if there is no room for Him? It is not that God is unable to help us. He can do all things. It is that we do not let ourselves be helped. If one does not take time out of each day to exercise, one will not become stronger. If one does not take time out of each day to study, one will not become smarter. It is the same with our relationship with God. If we do not take time out of our day to focus on Him, we will not become better people.




Perhaps, it is a process to get started into this routine of giving time to God. The best place to start is before bed. When everything has quieted down, and there is nothing left to do, silence is in the air, God is waiting there for you to talk to Him. If one does not know where to start, this is a good place.




From there, one can find times that work well. For example, one can say, “After breakfast, I will read the Bible everyday” or “When I get home from work, I will kneel down next to the couch and pray for five minutes.” Forming good habits such as these are important. Our lives are filled with habits and inclinations. We need to start creating good habits that will bring us directly closer to God. God will keep us in His schedule if we keep Him in ours. God is the most important person in our lives. Let us treat Him this way.