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Our Bodies are the Temple of God

Our bodies are the temple of God. We are not to defile them in any way. Yet, many neglect or purposely damage the health of their bodies for the sake of serving some selfish interest. People with plenty of good food available choose not to eat it for the sake of looking skinny while people starving crave that same food. People smoke and drink excessively for the sake of becoming popular with their peers instead of becoming popular with God. People regularly go to bed late and wake up late when they have the opportunity to go to bed early and wake up early, following God’s plan for sleep with the cycle of the sun. There are many sins that are being committed everyday in our modern society, but one that is all too commonly overlooked is the destruction of the body. This sin will be overcome when people start loving God will all their strength, just as the Lord commands.


Often times, people suffer throughout their lives with various health problems. Some problems that come are not caused by the individual and are not his or her fault. However, many health problems from which people suffer are the fault of the individual, and this sin affects those around him or her. Take, for example, the person who lazily watches hours of television each day. His eyesight deteriorates from staring at the screen too long. His back becomes misshapen and painful. His mind loses its sharpness. He gains weight, unable to move in ways that he should. His muscles become atrophied from being unused.


Now, because he neglects these health problems, unnecessary negative consequences result. He must spend time, energy, and money seeing doctors. He is unable to perform certain tasks for his parents, wife, and children because his body is weak and injured, all because he was lackadaisical in taking care of his body. He did not follow God’s plan. He did not love God with all his strength.


God gave people bodies, and this is a good thing. He wants them to use their bodies to serve Him and others, not to let them go to waste. When people choose to eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle, they are doing God’s will. When one takes care of his eyesight, he can read things far away that others cannot, and he can help many people. When one is strong (which does not happen by accident), that person can lift and move things for people who cannot. When one can run fast, he can reach places quickly in the case of an emergency. These people do not need to spend as much time, energy, and money trying to solve their health problems, because they have already done that by how they live. They chose to live a naturally good life according to God’s plan, and the fruit that is borne is sweet.


Everybody benefits from those who are physically healthy and capable. God does not ask people only to serve Him with their spirits and minds, He asks them to serve Him with their bodies. The body is important; that is why it was made. Of course, the sins of the flesh must not be followed. What must be followed is God’s call to serve Him with all our strength, especially the physical strength of our bodies. The mind is not enough. People need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them into living a healthy life so that they may be physically and spiritually strong enough to serve God in the way He has prepared for them. Jesus has a body, and so do all. May all people follow God’s call and take care of the body.