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Honest Business Practices for God

It may seem to some people that God and business do not mix, that God is not in the business world. Perhaps, they will say that you cannot love both God and mammon, as Jesus tells us ever so clearly. Yet, if one looks at the issue plainly, one will immediately notice that business is everywhere. It cannot be avoided. Not every family grows their own food, builds their own car, makes their own telephone, or produces their own electricity. To some degree, nearly everyone must go to someone else in order to obtain a product that is either needed or wanted. This is business, and there is nothing wrong with that. Jesus and Saint Joseph were both carpenters, selling woodwork they had done. Saint Peter was a fisherman. Saint Paul was a tentmaker. All of them sold products, and they did it for God.

Doubtlessly, the faith of these people was an integral part of their work life. They never would have produced a product that was cheaply made and sold it for a high price. They never would have known a fair price for their products and then sold them for a higher price to someone who did not know. They never would have lied about their products in any way or fashion with the hope of getting rich quick.


They would, however, have produced good quality products that were made to last and sold them for a fair price, aiming at the wellbeing of the customer, not just monetary gain. They, also, would have sold their products for a fair price and even offer discounts and gifts to those less fortunate. Finally, they would have told the truth about their products, with nothing to hide, because their products were good.


This is the way God wants the business world to be, and if people follow His plan, in the end, they will receive a far greater benefit than those who try to sneak through the back door. For example, many businessmen sell a poor-quality product to a customer. They do this to get a quick profit, selling a low-cost product to gain extra money in a single exchange between the seller and the buyer. Even though here the seller wins the battle, he loses the war. After the buyer discovers the product to be of poor quality, he immediately tells his family and friends. They then choose not to purchase the same product (or a second one if they have already purchased one). The customer base of the seller declines and his business goes underwater.


The honest businessmen, on the other hand, are fair with their customers. They sell only good-quality products. People enjoy the products and tell their families and friends. They come back again and again for life. There is a harmonious relationship between the buyer and the seller. The seller does not get a quick dollar, but what he gets is a lifetime of friendship on top of income. There is not a conflict between the buyer and a seller, but a partnership. The business flourishes and the people are satisfied.


The model of how a business ought to be is ever so obvious. The success in both money and soul as a result of following God’s model for a business is that which all businessmen should be striving for. Yet, the temptation for immediate money is at the doorstep of many, and those who fall for it, in the end, become poor monetarily and spiritually, while those who do not, gain the treasure of Heaven, in all its forms.